SemanticSBML Documentation Overview


Publications related to semanticSBML can be found here.

For users

User's manual semanticSBML 1.0 This short description of semanticSBML will help you get started.

Exercises Suggestions for trying out some features of semanticSBML.

Information about the SBtab format Short description about SBtab format

Information about the parameter balancing Short description about parameter balancing

Semantic propagation Short description of semantic propagation

For advanced users

Resource Files The program semanticSBML has several resource files that can be configured by a user to keep up with the development of the SBML format. These files can be found in the .semanticSBML directory which is located in the home directory of your user account.

For programmers

Annotation Classes Here you find additional documentation for the annotation classes. It also includes a short description of the SBML MIRIAM annotation.

Merge Classes Here you find additional documentation for the merge classes. The documentation describes the concept of the semanticSBML merge process.

Source Code The source code has been documented using epydoc; an automatically generated documentation can be found here.